Lanterns in the Garden

While working with the nursery we also got the opportunity to leave the Lanterns in the garden. We observed over a full day how the kids interpreted and interacted with them and tried out a couple of different interactions. The most popular interaction was ‘Passing the Green’ (as it became known). This fit with the children’s love of chasing each other and it all began with one child supposably “stealing” the green light. I’ve included a couple of illustrations and hope to post demo videos showing the interactions very soon.

There was a range of insights that we are looking to build upon in developing the Lanterns and in creating further resources. In particular, making the most of the weather, the Forest School philosophy as subscribed to by the nursery suggests activities should take place come rain or shine.

How can IoT help children make the most of the elements and enable them to play with the environment as it changes throughout the day and seasonally?