Lanterns in the Woods

We have been working with a local nursery (pre-school children under 5) and had the opportunity to introduce the children to the Lanterns as part of their Forest School. Together with the nursery manager, we decided to use a simple interaction and related story that meant the children were to find the Lanterns and light the way for others entering the woods. The children could light their Lantern from other lit Lanterns and if they moved too quickly, the light would go out. The children naturally helped each other and worked together to keep each other’s Lanterns lit and this proved a nice way of teaching the children about ‘helping others’.

Overall the children enjoyed themselves and we observed a range of different interactions. Some children enjoyed exploring together and moving between Lanterns, deliberately putting them out so they could find another Lantern to light them from. Others were happy playing on their own and finding Lanterns that needed lighting.