Playing Out at DIS 2019

Playing out was at the Designing Interactive Systems conference (DIS) in San Diego where we had submitted a Pictorial about what we learnt from design the Play Poles that can inform the design of IoT resources for outdoor play. Thanks to everyone who took part in the research and for all the feedback from attendees.

Here is an abstract and the full paper can be found here.

This pictorial reports on the Play Poles prototype that was designed as part of a design ethnography investigating the Internet of Things (IoT) as a resource supporting outdoor play amongst groups of children. We use illustrations and annotations derived from video data and analysis to depict gestures, actions and social interaction that are significant in understanding the qualities of the Poles as a play resource. We argue that simple functions and direct, real-time control can be used by groups of children to support fun and creativity in outdoor play, whilst also highlighting opportunities and challenges in designing IoT play resources.